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Our Story


Phillip Nzuwah was born in a village in Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe). Village life meant living off the land and he has made it his life’s purpose to never forget his roots. Remaining close to nature and living healthily has always been at his core.

In 2002, after many years as a health and fitness professional, Phillip founded KisClean, a non-toxic cleaning company servicing the Los Angeles area.  Unable to find non-toxic cleaning products that were truly efficacious, KisClean’s proprietary line was born.

Philip set out to create and provide the most effective non-toxic cleaning products on the market: products that would be completely bio-degradable and clean remarkably well, while keeping personal, business, and industrial surroundings toxin-free. After fourteen years of development and field-testing of his products, he has succeeded in that goal.

KisClean products are locally produced in Los Angeles, California.  They are completely natural and biodegradable.  They are formulated of enzymes derived from edible and seed-bearing plants, minerals, fatty acids, folic acid, natural vanilla, coconut oil, and purified water. All products are environmentally safe and friendly, as well as being safe for pets, and for the entire family. KisClean’s products can be used on basically everything.

The passion behind KisClean non-toxic lies in continually redefining healthy & safe cleaning products that are unsurpassed in their strength and performance.

KisClean products have been effectively cleaning the best (and worst!) homes and offices, day-in and day-out for 14 years.

Think Green – Think KisClean!

Phillip’s Amai (mother) preparing the lunchtime meal. The hut to the right is the hosi (grain silo), while the hut on the left is the kicheni (kitchen).
Village life.  KisClean’s founder Phillip Nzuwah’s childhood home.

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